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Friday, July 15, 2011

how to make duplex paper flower

hello everyone,in my last card i used handmade flower that is of duplex i want to share tutorial of this flower hope you like it

1) take a duplex of your choice . this flower looks very pretty in pink, yellow and purple color.draw below petal shape on the back side of paper and cut it.
you will need 8 pc of petal-A
and 8pc of petal-B
2) after cutting the petal fold and unfold each pettel as shown in figure

3) now for center part take a cardboard or mountboard and draw circle of 4cm in diameter and cut it
4) take cotton and stick it on the circular cradboard and on that again stick green color duplex paper

5) take pollens and cut then at center . turn the center part and stick this pollens . you will need full bunch of pollens

6) stick the petals on the back side first layer-4 petal of A
                                                     second layer-4 petal of A between the first layer
                                                     third layer-8 petals of B between the first and second  layer shown in   figure

    7) here its ready to use.



  1. Very pretty flower, Asmita. And, the color is awesome!

  2. These are lovely flowers.. thanks for the tutorial.. i will have to try these someday..thanks for sharing on you had me at craft...

  3. These are soo beautiful!! Will do it if i get that duplex paper.... Thanks for sharing this tutorial!!

  4. Very Creative and beautiful..thanks for sharing it.


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